(All units are in milligrams per liter unless otherwise noted.)

Sodium 790 All cells are bathed in sodium containing fluid.
Potassium 90 Potassium is needed for proper muscle functions, iron balance, and cell nutrition.
Magnesium 25 Magnesium is needed to utilize carbohydrates properly, to make our protein from amino acids, to maintain muscles and hormones.
Silica 54 Silicon gives strength to bones, nerves, mucous membrane, hair and nails.
Chloride 180
Fluoride 4.3 Calcium fluoride is a constituent of the elastic fibers of the skin, the surface of bones and teeth. It gives hardness and stability.
Arsenic 0.12
Boron 1.8
Iron 0.08 Without iron, the blood could not deliver oxygen throughout the body.
Lithium 2.9
Manganese 0.23 Manganese is necessary for bone development, reproduction, nerves, and the breakdown of protein cycles in the body.
Sulfate 1400 Sulfur is essential in ridding the body of poison: for the health of bones, hair, nails and also the fluids in joints and vertebral discs.
Zinc 0.01 Zinc is involved in tissue nutrition and protein building. Zinc is also needed in tissue repair.

Chart courtesy of the Springs Resort